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Written by Paul   
Population statsistics based on ABS NNAAMI estimates as of September 04.

There are 6,733,033.  young people under 24 years in Australia.

Based on the rate of mental illness as one in five in Australia.

  • 1.3 Million young people under 24  potentially have a mentally ill parent in Australia.
  • All young people are affected by a parent’s mental illness.
  • Most young people have to cope without assistance, while providing constant support to a parent with serious and long term mental illness.
  • Medications are not a cure for mental illnesses.
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Based on one in five people having mental illness in Australia

20% of  6,733,033. =  1,346,606.6

(There are 1,346,606. 6   young people under 24 years in Australia who potentially have a parent with mental illness)