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Paul Mckillop from

Calls on Banks to Cease Discrimination and be

Age, Mental Illness, Disability and Carer Friendly


Demands the Continuation of Signatures on Credit Cards

for people unable to use PINS

without having to identify a persons Illness or Disability


see Youtube video here

' Customers Discrimination Banks '


' Elderly pin hopes on card shuffle '

' Banks Responses to '

' Provision of Signature Cards for people unable to use PINS '

Word Format


' Banks accused of not doing enough for customers in changeover to PIN-only credit cards '

By  Amy Bainbridge and Alison Branley   View here at and Yahoo 7at

First story Banks and Signatures by Melinda and Jacqui 10 National News 25 / 7 / 2014

and SBS TV au world news by Greg Navarro 1 / 8 / 14   (limited news exp 8 Aug 14 link at)


'Industry deadline PINwise'