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Written by Paul Mckillop   
Young people and others who have a mentally ill parent want and need:
  • Respect, Dignity and Choice
  • our own network funded by government
  • to speak for ourselves and to be fully involved in all decisions that affect us
A tailored support service owned, managed and organised by the affected group comprising:
  • our own network and internet site,
  • counselling and support,
  • discussion groups,
  • outreach support,
  • respite and practical support,
  • a network of volunteers with a coordinator,
  • and our own advocacy service resourced.
In a spirit of care and compassion by government,
in recognition of the value young people play in our society,
in the knowledge of the value of unpaid support these young people contribute over the years without assistance.

That the rising cost of social dysfunction and isolation would be greater as a result if left unchecked.

Lifting the burdens lighter making life brighter.

To attempt to redress the social injustice these young people endure everyday, coping with the burdens of some one elses mental illness. Delivering equity and empowerment already afforded to some people with mental illness in our society.