Family Plan Print
Written by Paul Mckillop   

Write a Family Management Crisis Plan now.

Make a special Family Management Crisis Plan.
Do it yourself with your family.
Parents can do it themselves.
Tell the doctor/ psychiatrists or mental health service who you expect to do certain tasks when a parent is not able to take care of their usual responsibilities (for times like their hospitalisation.)
Who will pick the kids up form school?
Who will make lunches?
Who will pay the bills?
Until a parent returns or is able to resume responsibilities.

I've known people who have gone into hospital and the professionals don't realise that there is a dog back at the person’s home which needs a walk or a budgie looking for food.
Professionals will not realise who you have in mind that could pick up the kids from school or help with dinner unless you tell them. Tell them now in advance, use the family plan.

Download the crisis plan: