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Written by Paul Mckillop   
From Desperation to Action
  1. Increasing community awareness of the issues C/YMIP (children and young people who have a mentally ill parent) face by documenting life stories and obtaining media coverage (with the aim of harnessing support and gaining government, and corporate funding where possible, to develop adequate further services for C/YMIP) and;
  2. NNAAMI members were involved in making recommendations to the Burdekin Report (1993) and had input into ‘The National Inquiry into Mental Illness - Human Rights ’ regarding the needs of children and young people who have a mentally ill parent.
  3. Providing addresses to the Churches of Christ Women’s Fellowship Vic 1995/6 and at their NNAAMI fundraising dinner presenting Flautist ‘ Howlin Wind ’and other community organisations fundraising dinners including the Central Council of and Mental Health Auxillaries, Rotary and Uniting Church organisations.
  4. Documenting life stories since 1994/5 via focus groups and the Launch of NNAAMI via ABC National TV News 1995.
  5. The development, management and trialing of supportive group and camp processes from the expressed needs of focus groups of young people and others who have a mentally ill parent, including counselling protocols and strategies.
  6. Significant planning and co production toward television documentaries including, SBS Insight program in 1996, ABC State Line program Suicide Prevention1997, ABC 7.30 Report Youth Week 2000, involving young people who experienced life coping with a mentally ill parent.
  7. Submissions to the Victorian State Government Suicide Prevention Taskforce in 1997.
  8. Submissions to the Fed Government and Second National Mental Health Plan (July, 1998).
  9. Submissions to the National Health Priority Areas Mental Health report on depression (1998).
  10. Submissions to the Mental Health Promotion and Prevention National Action Plan (January, 1999)
  11. Numerous articles in national and state newspapers and current affairs programs.
  12. Victorian and National Radio documentaries.
  13. Providing direct support services for C/YMIP such as support groups, individual/group counselling, and camps for teenagers, including counselling support focused on the needs of young people who have two parents with mental illness.
  14. Initiated the first National Seminar in this area entitled ‘What is it Really Like’ at Deakin University Melbourne for health and welfare professionals regarding the experience of, and the expressed needs of, young people who have a mentally ill parent in 2000 involving young people.
  15. Development of the first comprehensive world wide internet site for young people and others who have a mentally ill parent. The NNAAMI internet site was launched by Mr Stensholt MP for Mr John Thwaites Minister for Health Victoria and the seminar by Ms Anna Burke Federal Member for Chisholm, for Ms Jenny Macklin Federal Opposition Spokesperson for Health and Mr Peter Costello Federal Treasurer. Federal party members of the Democrats were also present representing their leadership.
  16. Initiated the first worldwide professional discussion group via email service re C/YMIP.
  17. Supporting a Youth Week project for young people in a Victorian secondary college regarding Mental illness, Youth Week in October, 2000 and Youth Week ambassador Dan Halloran in his speech at Parliament House Melbourne.
  18. Presentations in the session ‘ The treatment and Management of Projectitis (and other Maladies of Funding Deficits) A Forum to Plan & Recommend Action to Government’ at the Holding It All Together conference in 2002.
  19. Provided an interactive display and attendance at and the Holding It All Together conference Melbourne 2002. Launch development of a NAAMI Partnership Register.
  20. Development of NNAAMI world wide Bulletin Board on NNAAMI internet site.
  21. Provision of a downloadable statement for professionals world wide re/entitled 'Effective Communication with young people who have a mentally ill parent. Golden Rules For Professionals.'
  22. The Development of an internet Forum on the NNAAMI site for young people and others who have a mentally ill parent
  23. Regular meetings with the Director of Mental Health Mental Health Branch Victoria.
  24. Development of a Proposed State National and International 'Charter of Rights' for Young People and others who have a mentally ill parent.
  25. Presentations at Rotary Mental Health Community Forums.
  26. Provide presentations to professional groups and public forums.
  27. Development of a detailed comprehensive Submission to the Victorian government for a tailored support program focusing on the most isolated and vulnerable young people who have a mentally ill parent entitled 'Youth Link'
  28. Development of the first downloadable WAYMI ‘ Family Crisis Plan’.
  29. Development of the first downloadable WAYMI ‘Standardised Letter To Professionals Format’ to assist young people and others who wish to convey vital information to professionals re a mentally ill parents situation.
  30. Initiate planning and the development of the first international site, the 'World Association of Young People and Others who have a mentally ill parent.' WAYMI managed by and for young people and others who have a mentally ill parent.
  31. Address to Mental Health in Victoria 'The Way Forward' Forum, Public Policy Forum Liberal Party. Hawthorn Town Hall May 2005.

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