Official Opening of the NNAAMI Internet Site Print
Written by Paul Mckillop   

The Development of the first comprehensive world wide internet site for young people and others who have a mentally ill parent.

The NNAAMI internet site was launched by Mr Stensholt MP for Mr John Thwaites Minister for Health Victoria. Opened This day, 20 March 2000.

The NNAAMI site had been in operation for some time previous, however we welcome this opportunity for government to recognize the work of nnaami and nnaami initatives. It was a chance to celebrate, and we hope the site will develop further to meet the needs of young people and others who experience life coping with the behavior and demands of a parent with mental illness..

The NNAAMI National Seminar 2000 was also opened on this occasion by Ms Anna Burke Federal Member for Chisholm / Box Hill Victoria, for Ms Jenny Macklin Federal Opposition Spokesperson for Health and Mr Peter Costello Federal Treasurer Federal Government. Federal party members of the Democrats were also present representing their leadership.

We look forward to government resources and funding to provide nnaami tailored support programs.

Donations to NNAAMI are always welcome.
Contribute to the development of NNAAMI's vital communication with young people and others who have a mentally ill parent.

'Help break the silence and provide support'