Charter of Rights Print
Written by Paul Mckillop   

"Charter of Rights for children young people and others who have a mentally ill parent"

Proposed Document
In accordance with and in addition to the International Convention of the Rights of the Child

  1. Children young people and others who have a mentally ill parent, are entitled to receive information regarding their relatives admission date and discharge on request and,

  2. The name of the treating doctor and treating team, and

  3. The relatives diagnosis or provisional diagnosis (including medication information, and description on discharge).

  4. The treatment plan and discharge plan, or accommodation plans/arrangements, in printed form, or if not available/developed in overall or basic terms upon telephone request.

  5. Right to (be heard) advise mental health staff, the treating Doctor, or Treatment Team of any concerns they may have re the patient /parent ., and to have this their concerns documented on the patients history.

  6. Admittance to carer information sessions when provided.

  7. Courtesy and respect from staff.

  8. Second opinions available for all above re patients where requested.

  9. Support from a NNAAMI (funded) service, including an independent advocacy service.

  10. That all mental health services have a copy of NNAAMI’s ‘Effective Communication with young people who have a mentally ill parent Golden Rules’ Document.

To Be displayed at all mental health services along with statement of Consumers Rights. Above document should be updated in consultation with NNAAMI every 12 months.

NNAAMI Submitted above to The Director of Mental Health Branch Victoria 24 May 2000 along with a copy to The Federal Director of Mental Health Branch Australia ACT for comment... however no reply has yet been received from the Federal Department of Health and Aged Care MHB. A National Approach is Required Urgently.

Dr Ruth Vine Office of the Chief Psychiatrist / Director MHB Victoria advised NNAAMI however that most of the above should be accommodated within existing Victorian legislation and MH existing Policy in Victoria. NNAAMI thanks Dr Vine for her investigation on this issue. However as yet no commitment has been made by MHB Vic to adopt or display these rights for young people. We are still seeking the adoption of this Charter of Rights document an look forward to its future implementation in Australia and internationally.

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