Youth Link submission to the Victorian Government Print
Written by Paul Mckillop   
NNAAMI submitted a program proposal to government in 2002 to the Director of mental health MHB DHS Victoria. We look forward to the funding of this program.

The Youth Link program would:

  • Provide a flexible tailored support program
  • Focus on the most isolated, vulnerable young people in our community who have a mentally ill parent
  • Be fully managed and organised by and for the affected group
  • Focus on marginalised young people most at risk
  • Provide counselling outreach advocacy and linkages
  • Deliver dynamic support & discussion groups
  • Provide after hours support and,
  • Follow up and develop coordinated volunteer support

NNAAMI has the potential to reach the most isolated of the vulnerable group of young people we represent and develop quality support and best practice.

These services were required yesterday they must be resourced. NNAAMI looks forward to further discussion with the Victorian government and mental health branch regarding funding for this vital program.

Donations are very much appreciated.