Mr and Mrs Miracle Print
Written by Crayolakitty   

I'm 17 years old and have lived with my mother's mental illness for all of my life...My mother is Manic Depresive, bi polar, and has multiple personalitie disorder. Every two to three years she has a manic attack. Wich puts her into the hospital, besides her mental illness she has had a constant battle with substance abuse (marijuana). Up until i was 5 my mother dated different guys off and on but they never stuck around. Until she met Mr. Miracle and he witnessed one of my mother's manic attacks and decided to stick around. I think he felt bad for me.

Mother married Mr.Miracle and became Mrs.Miracle. They had a baby! The Miracle family and me. But it didn't last we lost our house. Mr.Miracle and Mother got devorced. We moved and Mother had another manic attack, she got into a car accident. While she was in the hospital I had to put my dog to sleep Oct 29, I was 13. When she got out of the hopital she had a broken leg and arm so i had to take care of her and my lil sis while finishing my 8th grade.

Mom had another Manic attack Freshman year, and another summer after sophmore year. Junior year...second week of january 2009 I came home from school to all of our stuff out on the curb. We had been evicted and my mother didn't tell me I had an hour left to get everything i wanted out of my bedroom. I moved in with a friend and finished the school year there. I'm still living with my friend and her father. I have my own room. I'm taking summer school now and am starting corisponding classes so i can graduate on time. I've been dating my Boyfriend since November/13/08 and i honestly believe he is the only thing that has gotten me through the last year. He is everything to me and he seems to be the only one i can depend on in my life. There is a Court date July/14/09. The coutny is going to take custody of me and my sis and place us with relitives. I cant wait till my birthday in February so i wont have to deal with this anymore. I live in the Midwest US.

Sorry i wrote so much I really really wanted to get this off of my chest. I have not recieved any counsling over this and I really wish i could. But i'll be soo glad when this is all over..