Our Fragmented Lives Print
Written by J   

Hi, I stumbled on your website by accident as I am a child care worker and was reseaching information for an assignment. I am so glad I did, I never even knew that you existed. My mother was diagnosed with bi-polar 5 years ago. It helped my siblings and I put together some pieces of of our fragmented lives and made me confident that I wasnt going to turn out like her.

My life with my mother was extremely violent, filled with lies, manipulative mind games and emotional abuse from the time I was born until I was 18. Even though I had councilling, I have felt alone, frustrated and angry. Mostly I have felt like a broken person that can never be fixed. My mother's mood swings to this day are still overwhelming and she is constantly threatening to commit suicide. My sister and I wish she just would. The hardest thing about having a parent with an illness is that you dont know whether to hate them or feel compassion for them, its jaded. You always live in this emotional limbo.