Thanks, She's of Control Most of the Time. Print
Written by Barb   


Nothing like this web site here in the US. I was raised by a schizophrenic mother who was in and out of state hospitals in the 60's and 70's, she has been dead for several years.

Like others who have told their stories on the site it was very difficult growing up, even though my Dad stayed with the family, most of the time he was at work and the burden was on my brother and myself. We were basically an at home psych ward with untrained child caregivers. She was out of control most of the time, her thoughts and speech were such that one could not have a coherent conversation with her, except she could tell me constantly in very plain English that I was worthless and cuss a blue streak. She would not bath or change clothes, take any medication, always acting out, and was abusive physically, verbally and emotionally. She tried to take me out of school, tear up my school books, could not have any close friends, and kids made fun of me because she always looked like a witch or mad woman. Many occasions she did not want me to take a bath either so I always had to hide soap and towels and sneak in a bath when she was sleeping then get hit for it later. The mental health system was of little assistance during those years and the families were not included in treatment planning at all. I am still trying to learn to act like a normal person and to cope with shame and low self-esteem, I am middle-aged, it is a slow process.