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For Young People and Others Who have a parent with mental illness

Phone NNAAMI Australia 03 98893095
best after 4.30 pm est and book a time to talk

Or write to:
P.O. Box 213
Glen Iris

Or contact NNAAMi via email.

World Association Of Young People and Others Who Have a Mentally Ill Parent

World Youth and Adult Moderated Forum

What its really like coping with a mentally ill parent.

Enter the forum now.

Note: we have created two new forums for discussing "Coping with Parents Mental Health and Ageing" as well as "People who experience mental illness and have a parent with mental illness". To discuss these issues, please go here:

New forums

Note from the moderator admin. The WAYMI Forums are hosted via NNAAMI.
It is a Forum for you to post up information regarding your feelings about coping with the behaviour and demands of a parent who has a mental illness.

The Forum is for discussing with others What its Really Like.

Rules / Code of Conduct.

  • A Forum for young people and adults.
  • Chose a user name. - (Only use first name / user name),
  • Do not use identifying information or real names apart from age, your state or country.
  • Please remember dangerous people follow innocent young people using the internet.
  • Do not identify your address or email.
  • You can reply to others on this board and comment on others remarks.
  • Please respect others feelings and views and support each other.
  • Forum admin reserve the right to use any forum comments on the waymi or nnaami site.
  • Administrators reserve the right to ban any person.
  • Forum timezone = eastern standard.

  • This forum is exclusively for expressing the feelings, emotions, fears, concerns, and needs of young people and others who are coping with a mentally ill parent.

  • This forum is not designed or maintained for use by people who experience or have experienced a mental illness unless they also have a mentally ill parent. Other forums and internet sites exist and are available for the sufferers of mental illness.
  • Please respect the integrity of the forum by focusing only on the issues of coping with a mentally ill parent and the associated emotions and feelings that have been experienced.
  • It is not acceptable to direct or refer people to specific services, counselling or therapy in this forum. NNAAMI Administration?s written approval / permission must be sought before advertising or referring people to specific services, while posting on this forum.
  • Admin reserves the right to determine any unacceptable postings on this site, and warn people and or delete any unacceptable postings on this site without notice.
  • Users must report any concerns of offensive usage.
  • The views expressed on this site are not necessarily the views of WAYMI or NNAAMI.

Best Wishes,
Forum Moderator.