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Written by Paul Mckillop   
A fund for children and young people who visit their parents or grand parents in psychiatric hospitals.
  • The new fund is established to provide toys, support and practical assistance for children and young people who have a mentally ill parent.
  • The fund will firstly provide toys in family visiting rooms in psychiatric inpatient units in Victoria.

The fund is administered by 'The National Network of Adult and Adolescent children who have a Mentally Ill parent/s' (NNAAMI). Further information regarding NNAAMI and the needs of young people who cope with the behaviour and demands of a mentally ill parent can be found on the NNAAMI website or by phoning 03 98893095.

Kids need hope compassion and care when all has been taken away from them, a Toy is not even available at Christmas Time, when they see their mother out there. 

Jack is just three years old and he is visiting his grandmother for the first time in a psychiatric hospital. Jack (not his real name) experienced his grandmother just days before, storm into his house in the middle of the night and traumatize his family, bailed them up in a psychotic rage while they were asleep. Jack is coping with a strange environment renewing his relationship with his grandmother now medicated, and sitting with his family in a visiting room in a strange place, a mental hospital, in an adult world. Jack's presence, his smile, innocence and joy for living gives Gran hope, and a certain purpose in life. Soon the adult world overshadows conversation in the room. Jack's attention wains and he really just want's toys to show gran, "I have a train set" he says - there are none. 

 Please advise the Victorian Community regarding the 'Toys and Hope Fund' so we can place toys in psychiatric inpatient visiting rooms for children and young people. We NEED YOUR HELP. You can contribute to the fund by sending a pledge to,

'Toys and Hope' Fund
P.O. Box 213
Glen Iris 3146.

For Further Information please contact Paul Mckilllop 0407 857465. Ph 98893095.


As part of our Toys and Hope program, With the help of many members of the Victorian Community who dontated toys, our Volunteers, and sponsors Kmart Bunnings and the Smith Family, ABC Radio, 3AW. Light FM, and Roteract.

NNAAMI has been able to place a ' Jacks toy Box' in every Family Visiting Room in Adult Mental Health Inpatient Units in Metropolitan Melbourne.

In 2006 we hope to extend this project to cover most Adult Inpatient Units and Aged Psychiatry Units in Rural Victoria and furhter extend the program to include mother baby units.

There are many people to thank but we must mention Bernadedyte our volunteer toys and hope coordinator who spends tyerless hours in collecting and aranging suitable toys for the Toys and Hope program for ' Jacks Toy Boxs '

We would value the help of volunteer drivers to assist in getting Jacks Toy Boxes to their destinations in Victoria, and Volunteers who may be able to help extend the program across others states in Australia.