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Tips for Parents with a mental illness for managing life with Children and Young people.

  • Be honest with you kids.
  • Let them know when you are feeling stressed.
  • Talk to them about what you can and can't do.
  • Don't wrap your kids up in cotton wool.
  • Let them do 'kids things' within reason, let them go to birthday parties and to the pool to the gym.
  • Let them go to youth groups, sporting activities, church, religious activities.
  • Don't be over protective.
  • Because when you are really unwell these positive experiences from these things can pay off.
  • Let them talk to friends and develop friendships in these activities; you have to let them be part of their community.
  • Keep well by taking your medication, have regular contact with your psychiatrist.
  • Give your kids positive reinforcement.
  • Tell them they have done a good job when they have done the washing up or the vacuuming or a task that you appreciate.
  • Tell them that you love them, unconditionally, as often as you can.
  • Does not matter what they do (your kids), good or bad, tell them that you love them.

By Joanne a parent with mental illness, consultation with NNAAMI.

  1. NNAAMI suggests you Write A Family Management Crisis Plan, NOW. See the Standardised Plan you your family and the children can download from here
  2. SUBMIT your TIP for Other Parents to Read on this Page. Write to us about ways you have been able to be a good parent for your kids. If you are a parent with mental illness you can send us your thoughts, strategies or Tips on managing life as a parent with mental illness, about ways you have been able cope and be positive as a parent with mental illness for your kids.
  3. 'Behind the Mask' Video tailor from PANDA Post and Antinatal Depression Association Inc. can be viewed at
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