Written by Jessica   

For 23 years now I've tried to be my own but you're still there calling me everyday on the phone, you're asking me for that you're telling me to do this you can't even see why you don't deserve a kiss,

You were never there when I was a kid and when you were you were mean, it's no wonder why everyday all i'de ever done was scream, You made it hard for me to grow and to be strong to find a purpose in this world and to find a place to belong,

Then after all that you wanna come around and say "hey let's not think about that today", life is so easy for you 'coz you obviously don't see, the way you raised me has completely screwed around with me,

So thanks alot mum thanks heaps for your time but without you I know I'll be fine, I don't want your coffee and I don't need your tea.

Please mum won't you just let me be?!

© 23/12/2008