Written by Melanie Buren   


Born into turmoil, you have no choice;
And as life unfolds, you have no voice...
You're just a child

Be better, and fix it - sacrifice yourself if you must;
It's all up to you - there's no one else you can trust...
But you're just a child

Try to look better - mirrors don't lie;
If you can't be pretty, you may as well die...
But you're just a child

Stay out of trouble; get good grades;
Put a smile on your face - keep up the charades...
But you're just a child

Protect your mother - you must do what is right;
Without your help she'll lose the fight...
But you're just a child

Things happen around you - you're always to blame;
Not sure what feels worse... the guilt or the shame...
But you're just a child

Grow up - leave home - it's not running away;
Must take care of yourself, you really can't stay...
But you're just a child

You're duties continue, wherever you go;
The world on your shoulders - it tires you so...
But you're just a child

You learn and you grow, at least you think that you should;
You should be a success now; Oh, if only you could...
But you're just a child

The body's not ageless, external youth dies;
But somehow you're still the same girl inside...
You're still...just a child...

Melanie Buren.

( Melanie states – “My father and my mother had mental illness as well as other family members.

My father was also a violent alcoholic, and as a result of experiencing his behaviour

I developed self abusive behaviour depression and an eating disorder. “

“ self-abuse was used not only as punishment for existing,

but also as a way to override the internal pain that consumed me.” )