Do You Know Where She Is Print
Written by Teresa   

Do you know where my mommy is?

They said she did not give a damn about me.

They said she was crazy and worthless trash.

Will I grow up to be just like her?

Do you know where my momma is?

After waiting 19 years to meet her I finally found her

She has crazy ideas and does wild things.

I want to be more like her.

Do you know where my mom is?

I called her and left messages but she won't call me back.

She hugs me a lot and seems really nice most of the time

I look a lot like her but she is prettier.

Do you know where my mother is?

She taught me about drugs and the occult.

She took off with my credit card.

I won't ever really know if I am like her or not

because she is never the same for long.