A little girl cries Print
Written by Samantha   

"The little girl cries out within
Hold me Protect me
Nurture me
Be here for me Please,
I am 25 years old, a mother since I was four.
I am an adult, but a scared and terrified 4 year old little girl within I struggle with life, with life decisions.
I yearn and I always hoped that my mother would nurture and support me
But my dreams and hopes of her are shattered.
I'm a little girl alone.
Struggling to find herself."
"I have a schizophrenic mother." "The Depths of my soul lay open will she let me go? let me go of our past. The past holds me of the madness and the darkness I survived. The emptiness of my soul that I have been left with scares me, of my own sanity. I question it!
I Pray I will not turn out like her."


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