Mothering the Wounded Child Print
Written by Alvina   

I know you're so scared little one,
Of all your hear and see,
Of screaming fights when day is done,
Of pain and injury!

No place to run, no one to care,
Thru each terrifying night,
What lies beyond the constant stare,
That leaves you with such fright!

You wish to be another's child,
Of a happy family,
The fantasies of your mind run wild,
You dream of what should be.

I've tried to find you for so long,
To bring you home with me,
To heal the wounds from what went wrong,
In childhood history.

I'll make a place inside my heart,
And love you constantly,
And just before the first tears start,
I'll hold you close to me.

Enfolded in my arms so strong , I'll keep you safe from harm.
No matter what life brings along,
I'll be your lucky charm.

I'll speak of all the beauty,
I see inside your heart,
Your dancing eyes, your curiosity,
The smile that you impart.

And when life's problems get real tough,
And you're not sure what to do,
I'll let you know you have the stuff
Inside to see it through!

I'll tell you just how proud,
I am of all you try to do,
I'll be the first to cheer out loud,
When recognition's due.

I'll tell you each and every day,
Your loved just as you are,
In all you say and all you do,
No matter near or far,

You are a beauty, strong and smart,
Know through eternity,
You carry in your loving heart,
The very best of me!