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Written by Yuyu   

You push me to the ground, expecting me to get up every time.
There are no marks on me, no scars that you can see.
But I can tell you, the wounds inside would bring you to your knees.

My face is paralyzed, the tears have frozen.
Waiting for the day that they can run free.
Although I keep on moving, parts of me have been lost forever.

It's hard to breathe, even harder to wake up.
My heart is fighting not to stop, my head is confused.
My life has been stolen.

I'm still waiting for the light, still hoping for the happy ending.
Striving towards the goal, but for some reason I keep missing.
You always make me stand alone, stopping my arms from reaching.

Maybe one day I'm told I'll look back and smile, so much to be proud of.
You reap what you sow; right now it's hard to believe.
Everything has been destroyed; you've made it all so worthless.

For now I'll keep going, carrying your weight on my shoulders.
Your blood in my veins, my knees are buckling.
You're breaking my back, pulling me under.
The cracks are starting to show.