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Luke Batty inquest: court hears father Greg Anderson question abuse charges

Guardian Monday 1 December 2014         Read it here,



Luke Batty inquest: Magistrate recognised danger Greg Anderson represented

Herald Sun December 5 2014

Professor Mullen, who carried out a psychiatric autopsy of Anderson, said doctors who treated Anderson had failed to diagnose that he was mentally ill.

“[Anderson] was clearly mentally ill. It’s very unfortunate it was not recognised,” Professor Mullen said.

He said while the recurrence of violence within families could be successfully predicted, it was “essentially impossible” to predict whether or not a parent was capable of murder.

Prof Mullen told the court 29 Victorian children had been killed by their parents in nine years.

But he said trying to identify or pre-empt child killers would “clearly be of no use whatsoever”.

“If we went down that route the whole system would ground to a halt. So we need to be practical,” he said.

“You cannot usefully make these predictions [but] does that mean we have to give up? No.”

Magistrate Goldsborough said more could be done to help magistrates make risk assessments when dealing with volatile men.

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Luke Batty inquest: Senior Victoria Police officer apologises to Rosie Batty

ABC News  5 December 2014

Assistant Commissioner Cornelius stated

"After Luke's tragic death, I went to bed that night not knowing how many other Lukes were out there," he said.

Rosey Batty Emotional Closing Speech….“She said she believed he was mentally ill, and "something is seriously wrong with our mental health system and intervention".

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