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Ten Networks' 9AM With David & Kim
9th October 2006.
Mental Health Week 2006

Adrian, a 15 year old boy, talks to David and Kim on Ten Networks' 9am program along with Paul Mckillop, convenor of NNAAMI on National Television. Adrian talks openly about his struggles in coping with his parents mental illness.

"They are the hidden faces of mental health yet they are not considered to be the sufferers. They are the children of those who have mental illnesses. In most cases they become the parent to the parent, they miss out on growing up as a normal child, there schooling is affected. In some cases their safety is jeopardized by their unstable parent. Its mental health week and today we are talking to Paul Mckillop founder and counsellor of a support network for children living with a mentally ill parent he's joined by Adrian who's grown up lining with his mothers suffering mental health problems. Good morning to you both,..."

David and Kim's intro to the 9AM Program on Monday 9/10/06, live nation wide.

Adrian has been awarded a 'Trophy Award' 2006, for his honest and courageous presentation in this live to air Network 10 production - the first live to air national presentation of its type regarding these issues.

Producers and Staff at Network 10 have also been awarded a 'Trophy Award' 2006. For their high quality research on the above program and also for the sensitive way the researchers, producers and presenters explored these issues with Adrian and Paul.

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