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Genre: Drama
Run Time: 104 minutes
Rated: M
Country: Australia
Director: Richard Roxburgh
Actors: Eric Bana, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Franka Potente, Russell Dykstra, Marton Csokas.

Romulus, My Father

Based on the life of Raimond Gaita about his embattled migrant family in post-war Australia. It is ultimately a story of love that celebrates the unbreakable bond between father and son...

The following review is from At The Movies (ABC Australia)

Romulus, My Father

Review by Margaret Pomeranz

Richard Roxburgh has taken on the mantle of film director with ROMULUS, MY FATHER, an adaptation of the memoirs of Raimond Gaita, who's parents Romulus, (ERIC BANA), and mother, (CHRISTINA FRANKA POTENTE), were post-war immigrants to Australia.

By 1960 they were doing it tough on a farm outside Maryborough. It was too much for Christina. She left and returned only intermittently.

For young Rai, (KODI SMIT-McPHEE), his mother