Saving Millie; A Daughter's Story of Surviving Schizophrenia Print
Written by Tina Kotulski   

Author: Tina Kotulski.

Due for release late spring 06 to early summer USA.

Endorsements already for the book entitled 'Saving Millie' by Tina Kotulski

"Tina Kotulski's SAVING MILLIE is a compelling journey into the special world mothers and daughters inhabit--a remarkable tale of madness, survival, and devotion. It is a searing portrait of family life that is as heart breaking as it is heart warming."

Jay Neugeboren, author of IMAGINING ROBERT, Transforming MADNESS, et al

Tina Kotulski has transformed tragedy and frustration into triumph and healing. This book is a very welcome addition to the resources available to families dealing with schizophrenia and a broken health care system. It is an opportunity to learn and gain support from somone who has been there. More important, it gives hope and by example, guidance to others who are dealing with seriously mentally ill loved ones who do not belive they are ill. I highly reccomend it.

Dr. Xavier Amador P.H. D

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