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Book 'After Romulus'
Author Raimond Gaita
Publisher Text Publishing

After the book and film 'Romulus My Father' Raimond Gaita writes his Memoir After Romulus

"Memoir Rural Victoria the 1950's was a far cry from the Europe that Romulus and Christina Gaita left behind. Against a harsh new landscape. Christina grew increasingly fragile and eventually left Romulus and their son. Rai, to be with her lover, Mitru. In the family home, Frogmore, Mitru's brother, Hora, became a second father to Rai. The writer revisits his childhood and tries to understand the anguish that led his mother to suicide"
The Age Newspaper Life and Style 27 August 2011 p12-14.

'People have often asked me how I survived my childhood reasonably sane. They think it was because my father and Hora loved me deeply and that I never doubted it. But as much as, perhaps more than that, it was the fact that I came to see the world in the light that my father’s goodness cast upon it.'
Raimond Gaita

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