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NNAAMI and WAYMI Privacy Statement.

All care will be taken to keep private information confidential. Any personal information you provide to NNAAMI will be treated in confidence and will not be given out to any individual or organisation without your expressed permission unless you provide oral or written consent for any part to be divulged or provided to another party. NNAAMI and WAYMI must comply however with Victorian and Australian legislation.

Personal information held by NNAAMI is not disclosed, sold or otherwise supplied to any third party. Personal information is only utilised for the purposes for which it was supplied. Personal information held by NNAAMI is held in locked premises. Private information held in electronic form will be secured from physical intrusion by password control and locked premises. Personal information that is not required to be kept by NNAAMI is destroyed. Any individual has access to personal information held about them on request in person with the proper identification documentation. NNAAMI may refuse requests to access email correspondence as it is assumed a person would have their own copy.

Group members are asked to respect the information which is revealed in any support group discussions and to maintain the confidentiality of all people attending the meeting. You must decide what information you wish to reveal about yourself in these circumstances.

The entries you submit to our Bulletin Boards, Poetry, Your Stories, Hall of Fame, Book Reviews, other Boards / reply / open sections etc and Forums on these sites are exempt from these confidentially provisions and it is your responsibility to sufficiently de-identify this information. NNAAMI does not accept any liability in any of these areas above.

It is your responsibility to advise us of any concern you have regarding privacy. For further enquiries please contact NNAAMI office.